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Bathroom inspirations

Tips and ideas for your dream bathroom

Bathroom inspirations

Bathrooms not only need to be highly functional, but also convenient - after all, we enjoy being in the bathroom and spend a lot of time there. The bathroom is where we take care of hygiene, body care, styling and exquisite wellness programs. Make your own dreams a reality in your own personalised bathroom.

Useful tips for your bathroom

• Browse our bathroom ideas for inspiration and create your own personal oasis of well-being.

• Discover the many colours, forms, materials and accessories.

• Discover bathroom trends

Your bathroom – a place of relaxation and well-being

It is easy to transform any bathroom into a real jewel, regardless of the  amount of space available. For example, you can harness the power of paint to create different nuances of colour and then add matching accessories to create a wellness area where relaxation is easy.

Bathroom ideas that inspire

The bathroom is a very special place in every home

Natural materials, such as wood and stone, along with plants and loving details, allow you to create a positive atmosphere in the room. Soft carpets and elegant curtains create a cosy atmosphere. Find out how the clever placement of mirrors in the bathroom can increase the perceived space and how effective lighting designs can be used to create atmospheric accents. You can also revive your body and spirit in your own sauna and be carried away by the subtle scent of essential oils and the gentle sound of your favourite music.