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Bright blue flowers & shimmering hummingbirds

Amazonia invites you to explore the amazing setting of the tropical rain forest. Enhanced with delicate touches of gold, the pattern is brought to life with spectacular images of yellow orchids, blue passionflowers, hummingbirds and Maracuja butterflies. The intensity of the colours and brightness of the patterns create an almost three-dimensional effect – mysterious, breathtaking and flamboyant.
Colourful scenes and minimalist porcelain design
Experience the exotic fascination of the tropical forest – with Amazonia, an imaginative pattern combining spectacular colours and delicate gold details with the Modern Grace style. The simple shapes and very thin porcelain contrast attractively with the opulent pattern: a magical world of orchids & butterflies for modern and traditionalist interiors.
Bright blue blossoms and shimmering hummingbirds
The Amazonia collection plunges you into the magical world of the tropical rainforest. We have created a décor with gold filets that provides a spectacular setting for yellow orchids, blue passion flowers, hummingbirds and Maracuja butterflies. With their intense colour and light, the delicate motifs appear almost three-dimensional – mysterious, breath-taking and extravagant.
That jungle feeling in three dimensions
With Amazonia, we are following in the footsteps of the great naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt. This premium bone porcelain depicts luscious foliage, exotic blossoms, giant butterflies and shimmering hummingbirds in an exciting and creative adaptation. What makes the composition really special is that it captures the euphoria of an explorer, because the luminescence of the colours lends an almost three-dimensional impression.
Premium bone porcelain: White gold
Radiant white, maximum translucence and a soft sheen: Premium bone porcelain is the most precious of all tableware materials. The full weight of our experience and expertise has been brought to bear in all of the Villeroy & Boch tableware made from this delicate but strong luxury material, which really does justice to its other name, "white gold". Discover porcelain of flawless beauty – brilliant in white, resplendent with decoration.