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Glow Handshower. A spray mist that makes all the difference.

  • A fine, pleasant mist is produced by special spray nozzles in combination with the PressurizedShower function, which ensures a powerful jet even at low water pressure.
  • For pleasant cleansing of the skin and face.
  • Helps to open and cleanse skin pores.

  • Tiny spray nozzles of 0.6 mm in diameter for a thin spray jet.
  • PressurizedShowering feature for powerful performance - even at low water pressure.
  • Diameter of 120 mm for an improved showering experience.

3 spray types for an enjoyable showering experience.





A showering experience that’s velvety-soft and ultra-hygienic

  • Small spray nozzles for a velvety-soft, soothing water jet.
  • Optimised nozzle arrangement makes intelligent use of the spray surface.

  • More than twice as many spray nozzles than standard Handshowers.
  • All-silicone spray surface ensures maximum hygiene

3 spray types for an enjoyable showering experience.





Shower system

  • Thermostatic bath and shower mixer with safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius, keeps the water temperature constant even if the water pressure varies.
  • 3 colours: Ebony, Graphite and Almond.
  • Integrated diverter for the 3 shower system functions (overhead shower - Handshower - bath outlet).
  • AdjustablePlus bath outlet with movevable aerator that permits flexible adjustment of the direction of the water projection.

  • Flexible installation thanks to height adjustable function, extra- long shower systems or retrofit option
  • Thermostat tap fitting with precise temperature control and safety stop at 38 degrees for a safer showering experience
  • Integrated diverters for toggling between shower system functions have a clear aesthetic appeal
  • Colour variations of shower finishes in chrome, white and black for more colour harmony in the bathroom

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