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ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽-IH

Endless hygiene for daily needs. Comfort and Healthcare are the global common demand in this era. ViClean-IH collection by Villeroy & Boch, the integration of German exquisite design and high-quality technology will bring the safety daily life to you. With the outstanding features of hygiene surface, sanitize nozzle, sanitize water and sanitize air, thus to create an all-day around intelligent hygiene solution for each family members.

ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽-IH
ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽-IH

Elegant Design

  • Clean and modern design without cistern, timeless elegant
  • Reference to ergonomics in the design of remote control, thus to create a golden ratio and comfortable grip

Endless Hygiene

  • Antibacterial material including ceramic, seat&cover and remote control
  • Sanitize nozzle, 304 stainless steel nozzle jet, sterilized by UVC
  • *Sanitize water, water flow sterilizing by UVC
  • *Sanitize air: highly safe built-in plasma generator to actively inhibit the activity of bacteria suspended in the air in the toilet

* Only available in ViClean-IH+

* Report No:WCz-21-20113

ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽–IH 喷嘴除菌
ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽–IH 水流除菌
ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽 – IH 空气抑菌

ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽-IH 智感呼吸灯
ViClean-IH | 宝洁丽-IH PowerJet Flushing冲洗系统

Intelligent Comfort

  • Humanized ambient lighting, obviously control sanitizing function
  • Auto close/open seat and lid, high performance flushing, auto duo-flush (3.5/4.5L)
  • PowerJet Flushing system, sustainable and water-saving. rimless design, avoids germ and soiling, easy to clean