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TwistFlush | 双旋冲水


TwistFlush in the new Antao design

The revolutionary TwistFlush flushing technology is now available for even more toilet models – from the on-trend organic design of Antao to the streamlined Subway 3.0 look and the generic Universo TwistFlush combi-pack.

The powerful toilet flush harnesses the power of a water vortex for hygienic cleaning and practically eliminates the need for a toilet brush. It is also extremely water-saving and quiet.


  • Even wider selection of TwistFlush models
  • As a wall-mounted toilet in an organic design with Antao
  • As a floor-standing model with Subway 3.0
  • As a Universo TwistFlush combi-pack with a new seat compatible with all collections

Flushing power like no other.

  • The TwistFlush technology (patent pending) clearly surpasses the standard requirements*.
  • A powerful swirling water is generated in the conically shaped bowl which effectively removes soiling.

* In accordance with European standard EN 997

Save up to 19,700 litres of water a year.

  • With TwistFlush, precious water can be saved with each press on the flush button.
  • The toilet uses only 4.5 litres for a big flush, and a mere 3 litres for a small flush.
  • Thanks to the powerful swirling water you usually only need to flush once. This means that a family can save up to 19,700** litres a year.

** 4-person household, compared with a conventional 6-litre flush. Average use: 5 x per day / per person

The above data are summarized according to European market standards and user information

The brushless future starts here.

Thanks to the conically shaped bowl with very steep and ultra-smooth walls and the powerful swirling water, the toilet brush is practically history!

Tough on dirt and germs.

TwistFlush offers hygiene benefits in addition to its flushing power:

  • The completely rimless bowl and CeramicPlus ensure easy cleaning.
  • AntiBac prevents 99.9 % of bacterial growth.

Practically no splashing.

The controlled swirling water avoids splashing* and ensures that almost the entire inner surface area is flushed.

* In accordance with European standard EN 997

Ultra-quiet flushing.

  • The manner in which the water flows into the toilet bowl with a swirling motion results in less noise than with conventional toilets.
  • The toilet uses only 4.5 litres for a big flush, and a mere 3 litres for a small flush.
  • In combination with ViConnect, Subway 3.0 TwistFlush complies with the DIN 4109 and SIA 181 sound-proofing standards – a real advantage in hotel and housing construction.


Revolutionary. The innovative TwistFlush technology provides optimum flushing performance with a powerful water vortex. TwistFlush is also water-saving and thorough.

Powerful. TwistFlush significantly exceeds all standard requirements. The water vortex washes away all soiling, practically eliminating the need for a toilet brush, and saves up to 19,700 litres of water* per year.

Versatile. The floor-standing Subway 3.0 toilets, the Universo TwistFlush combi-pack and the new Antao wall-mounted toilet in an on-trend organic design provide great scope for bathroom design.


Water-saving hygiene for every bathroom

Saving water looks good in any design, as shown by the innovative TwistFlush flushing technology for toilets from many different collections. Allowing you to offer your customers a wide selection of toilet models for every bathroom design.


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