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德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星
德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星
德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星

A masterpiece of precision

Octagon is Villeroy & Boch's exclusive design highlight. An absolute masterpiece of precise craftsmanship: The innovative material, TitanCeram, was used to render an octagon in ceramic form.

德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星

Consummate elegance

  • Floor-standing pedestal washbasin in an exquisitely delicate design;
  • The ultimate in ceramic expertise;
  • Represents everything the innovative TitanCeram stands for: exact angles and precise facets in perfect ceramic form;
  • Special design features: octagon and facets;
  • Integrated ceramic valve;
  • Colour: Edelweiss CeramicPlus;

The materials

  • Top quality pedestal finish: leather, real wood veneer or the innovative stone veneer;
  • Elegant decorative ring: Copper;
  • Totally flush finish: each element is perfectly coordinated;

德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星

德国唯宝Octagon | 帝王之星

闪耀水晶 奢华升级

  • 采用施华洛世奇水晶:1000颗镶嵌在面盆立柱上;
  • 融入极具美感的图形:八角形;
  • 赋予了更加精准的角度和纤薄的边沿;
  • 洗面盆拥有优雅如雪绒花般的哑光表面;