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La Belle

Villeroy & Boch La Belle
Villeroy & Boch La Belle
Villeroy & Boch La Belle
Villeroy & Boch La Belle

Perfection is when all parts come together in splendid harmony

A delicate, sweeping movement, decorative ornaments and floral forms: the unique La Belle collection echoes the design of the Romantic period and puts it into an atmospheric context. The elegantly curved line of the bath also finds expression in the toilet and bide and thanks to the SupraFix 2.0 attachment system the toilet can be installed quickly and easily.

New aspects of beauty

The freestanding La Belle bath is the perfect place to pause and let go of everyday life, time and space. The floor-standing tap highlights the elegant sweep of the bath made of high-quality Quaryl®. The La Belle bath as a built-in variant with the Ultimate Fitness and Whisper™ whirlpool systems offers a particularly exclusive sense of well-being – a comfortable invitation to lie back and relax.

Red Dot Product Design Award

Villeroy & Boch La Belle

La Belle furniture - a great love of detail in the very highest quality

The La Belle furniture allows lots of freedom to meet individual requirements: hand-painted with several coats it is available either white or in the splendid shade, Framboise. The handles are available either in chrome or high-quality “champagne”. As an option, selected washbasins and tap fittings, as well as mirrors, pick up on the playful décor ornaments.

La Fleur fittings with natural charisma

La Fleur tap fittings dominates the game of emotions – and flowers out in an enchanting way. It will impress you with the nonchalance with which it emphasizes its natural charisma. Soft curves, flowing transitions and gently-rounded forms embody sensual beauty – full of charm and grace. The tap demonstrates a presence and radiates a warmth and softness that touches the senses.

La Fleur Exclusive tap fittings Clarity. Brilliance. Light. With a range of handles made of STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal, crystal glass or porcelain, La Fleur exclusive infuses your bathroom with a truly alluring radiance.

Villeroy & Boch La Belle

One & only tiles

The fascination of ceramics is due in no small part to their endless design possibilities. Natural inspirations combine with innovative technology to produce new surfaces and colours, organic forms and structures, creations which seem familiar yet appear entirely fresh.

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