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TwistFlush | 双旋冲水

TwistFlush | 双旋冲水系统将强大的冲水功能和高效的冲水表现合二为一,凭借水流漩涡产生的巨大物理拉力,进行全方位且静音地冲水,带来高度性,更有效防止水流飞溅。若座厕选配CPlus | 易洁釉面,强效的抗污能力使得日常清洁更轻松。


TwistFlush | 双旋冲水



Thanks to the innovative rimless design, DirectFlush WCs can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly – for quintessential hygiene. It can be hard to clean under the rim of a standard toilet as the toilet brush and cleaning agent do not reach everywhere.

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TitanCeram | 钛瓷


钛瓷 | TitanCeram

德国唯宝—钛釉 | TitanGlaze

TitanGlaze | 钛釉



CeramicPlus is a ceramic surface which has been through a finishing process to make it especially easy to clean. Even dried limescale deposit can be removed without difficulty. An ecological product, CeramicPlus saves water and cleaning agents and, ultimately, time. CeramicPlus is available exclusively from Villeroy & Boch.

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovations

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovations

Ultimate Fitness - Invisible Jets

Design innovation means: aesthetics and function come together to create a unique sense of harmony. Ultimate Fitness is Villeroy & Boch’s first invisible whirlpool system which guarantees a full body massage: high-quality Quaryl® enables the innovative design with integrated invisible jets in the base of the bath and invisible pop-up jets along the sides.

Whisper whirlpool

All Whisper™ whirlpool systems meet the standard for sound levels in buildings (DIN4109), as tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Especially the Whisper Airlpool is the most silent system on the market.

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovation Whisper whirlpool

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovation 2007 Design Plus: Invisible Jets

2007 Design Plus: Invisible Jets

The almost invisible high-quality Invisible Jets manufactured by Villeroy & Boch are on the cutting edge of Whirlpool aesthetics. The flush-fitted jets made of Quaryl®, which have been specially developed for the Ultimate Fitness system, come in the same colour as the bath. This makes them almost invisible when the system is not in use.

QUARYL® Nature Perfected

Quaryl® is a material, developed and manufactured exclusively by Villeroy & Boch, that is the successful basis for many products and design innovations. It combines the best properties of natural quartz with the versatility of high-quality acrylic resin. The result is a new element that exhibits all the properties one could wish for in just one material: it can be moulded to meet the highest design requirements. It is durable, timeless, warm and pure.

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovation

Villeroy & Boch Quality & Innovation

Soft Close & Quick Release

Thanks to special dampers integrated into the hinges, WC seats with Soft Closing technology close gently and silently. This enhances comfort and prevents any noise caused by the cover slamming shut. Makes light work of bathroom cleaning: WC seats fitted with Quick Release are child’s play to remove and replace. Simply lift the seat and then it’s much easier and quicker to clean the WC, getting into all the nooks and crannies.